The Nerima-ku municipal government have launched a cable TV channel featuring animation made by studios and production companies residing in the Tokyo city.

Mainichi Daily News tells that the program, “Neritan Anime Works” will be aired on J-COM starting this month and lasting until spring next year.

Despite neighbouring Suginami-ku being better known as a location for animation studios in recent years, Nerima is [aiming to be] regarded as the ‘birthplace’ of anime, given that the first animated feature production company Toei Animation (then Toei Doga), and first animated television series producer Osamu Tezuka’s Mushi Pro are both in Nerima.

With a former Mayor who had little interest in anime and in promoting it, the current municipal assembly has adopted the campaign “Nerima, the Birthplace of Anime” (anime no furusato Nerima) for its 60th anniversary this year. This move, which reportedly has been pushed by local businesses, is visible by the flags and posters of anime when alighting at train stations throughout the city.