According to officials from the Secretariat of Intellectual Property Strategy Headquarters within the Cabinet Office, reports of Intellectual Property Working Group/Panel making recommendations to introduce the compulsory licensing of content over broadband has been misreported.

The news originally appearing in Japanese newspapers was picked up by English sources such as Variety in a way that suggested the Panel had formally recommended the rule change.

Secretariat officials indicate that the compulsory licensing idea was raised during panel discussions but was not actually a formal recommendation that has been compiled in the final report. (The Headquarters have records of these meeting online in Japanese)

A similar proposal has however, been publicly made by the Chairman of the Keidanren, as mentioned in a May 30 DISCONTENTS entry.

The Strategy Headquarters, who have released their 2007 Intellectual Property Strategic Plan at the end of May (English translation not yet available), have as their goal to change copyright law to allow the greater distribution of content online within 2 years. A concrete way of crafting such legislation into the legal framework has not yet been achieved, and promises to be an uphill battle vis-a-vis opposition from incumbent copyright holders who fear an erosion of their market power.