February 2007

According to a report handed down by a Cabinet committee, a lack of international copyright experts is hindering Japanese exports of television programs, movies, games, and animation (anime).

This snippet reportedly from Kyodo News indicates that the Strategic Council on Intellectual Property (I assume the new feed refers to this rather than the Intellectual Property Strategy Headquarters? Or are they one and the same?) indicates that Japan needs international copyright specialist in order to export anime.

Japan’s anime exports are already quite high, even if it is not comparable with manufacturing or consumer electronics in its ability to produce and distribute units en masse. But then, the economics of content production is rather different to that of plasma screens, the former relying more on demand-side economies of scale rather than scale economies from the supply-side.

I will be keeping a close watch on the results from the Council’s Content Research and Planning Working Group (my translation) given that very little of their activities or reporting makes it into English!


Story from The Star.

According to the article, the music industry has got their strategy all wrong as far as the internet is concerned.

The Korean Ministry of Culture and Tourism has announced that 2007 will see it placing top priority on nurturing the fast-evolving content business and redefining “hallyu,” (韓流)or the Korean Wave.

According to the Korea Herald,  the Culture Ministry and the Information Ministry have teamed up to set aside 19.2 billion won ($20.55 million) to develop “Digital Creature” technologies – referring to cultural products that are created through purely digital solutions.

The Korean Wave, which depends largely on pop culture led by trendy television dramas, movies and music, is facing growing challenges in Asia and elsewhere. Exports of Korean films are declining, and in some Asian countries, a so-called “anti-hallyu” sentiment is being detected.

Culture Minister Kim Myung-gon had this to say:

The ministry will focus on…preparing for sweeping changes that spark content- and imagination-oriented innovation, and globalizing the Korean Wave further while minimizing side effects.

Please refer to article in The Capital Times.