The Motion Picture Association (MPA) (the international arm of the US motion pictures lobby group) has accused Shenzhen Xunlei Networking Technologies of encouraging the illegal sharing of its members’ films.

According to an article in PC World (via IDG News service), Shenzhen Xunlei, which claims to be China’s largest download engine, have come under fire for the amount of copyright-protected content flowing being exchanged by its users.

MPA S-VPand Asia-Pacific regional director Mark Ellis says he hopes Google will encourage Xunlei to”respect copyrights”.

It is our hope that Google will influence its partner in a manner appropriate to a company with the stated philosophy of ‘You can make money without doing evil.’ From our perspective, copyright theft falls under ‘evil.

Illegal file-sharing of copyright content is hardly surprising. The MPA’s decision to take issue with the Chinese firm has no doubt been based on Google’s announcement of a partnership with Xunlei this month.