According to an article in The Australian, Telstra is pushing the Australian Government to deliver on broadband to the bush (read: lobbying the government to accept its proposal and not its rival’s). Telstra says it has the means and strategy to deliver 8mbps ADSL to 95% of Australian households (up from 91%) mainly by removing its paired-gains system that prevents ADSL use.

But seriously, ADSL? Over what distances? Attenuation of signal strength is a well-known issue when using ADSL over long distances (which I imagine this would be). An 8mbps signal would drop below 1mbps after a couple of kilometres from the exchange (which I imagine many of these households would be).

While providing HiBIS-like subsidies for satellite broadband users might not be sustainable in the long-term, the question needs to be asked whether giving up on competition for an 8mbps in theory ADSL connection for the bush is any better, and whether it could be worse.