We have heard it time and time again – industry pundits, analysts and consultants, governments hoping to promote the industry and provide support for fledgling industries – content industry will drive growth.

This time, an article from financialexpress (written by media and entertainment head of Ernst & Young, India) says that media and entertainment will drive the growth of broadband.

While Asia accounts for approximately 47 percent of the world’s broadband subscribers, India is currently lagging. Yet, given the enormous popularity of films in India (and the prolific industry’s ability to churn them out), it is expected that India will soon be bursting with potential for the digital distribution of content as demand for content drives broadband take-up.

The article, however, makes no mention of the need for the physical infrastructure to be rolled-out in order to give people access to high-speed broadband. There is a clear ‘chicken and egg’ relationship between content and infrastructure, and the article fails to recognise the necessity of a coordinated investment in infrastructure (let alone the capital to provide a bulk of the population with access to it) combined with a regulatory approach that given the private sector filip to commit to extending their networks.