YouTube has become a great resource for office procrastination and other a new medium to use in communicating with friends and loved ones. Yet there seems to be an increasing amount of lengthy, copyrighted material on posted that makes you wonder “should this be here?”

Apparently not. The Japan Society for Rights of Authors, Composers and Publishers (JASRAC) demanded that YouTube remove a large chunk of their ‘clients’ content that appeared to infringe copyright laws.
According to an AP press release (found in The Age), nearly 30,000 files were deleted after JASRAC complained on behalf of 23 TV broadcasters in Japan.

Working towards a revenue-sharing model, YouTube has reached agreement with several large copyright holders allowing the website post copyright music videos and other content in exchange for sharing ad revenue.

The situation would be made more interesting if it were the content creators, not the broadcasters who owned copyrights to this content.
1) would creators have the same filip to prevent the ‘unprofitable’ use of copyrighted material by third parties?
2) would they be less capable of pursuing those who infringe copyrights?
3) would a profit-sharing model with creators be fairer and logistically possible?